[xen-tools-dev] xen-tools4.2rc

Michel Longuich michel at longui.ch
Wed Aug 25 15:00:38 CEST 2010

On 8/25/10 2:43 PM, Dmitry Nedospasov wrote:
> I'm just curious to hear from you, Michel, how you would imagine this
> working for you. Like i said, i recently moved to iscsi and I'm quickly
> starting to migrate lots of things to it, so I sincerely want to hear
> your use-case.

As I replied to Axel (privately) I have to dig into my e-mail archive.
I started using ietd at some point experimenting with HA and migration 
for some customers. It was a bit quirky though. So I never followed 
through on that. I'll get back to you guys about it as soon as I find 
the original communication.

> Your question made me think of the following scenario: I run a xen vm
> for a long time, now I want to boot it on some physical desktop. and
> this is easy to do thanks to iscsi. Nice!

I love(d) the theory of iscsi and Xen. But I found it a bit troublesome 
though. especially when adding new storage etc.

> I can answer this one. Pygrub boots a kernel on the guest machine. Hence
> you need to install a kernel onto the guest machine for pygrub to boot,
> otherwise it crashes and burns (actually just gives you an error, but I
> wanted to say crash and burn).
> I'm actually going to be improving the kernel that gets installed in the
> next couple of weeks, when we finally start moving to what we devs call
> the "-common" scripts :)

I ran a 'testing' version of xt 4.1 for a while before --pygrub was in 
steve's general release. I used to fix things with roles and skel. (lots 
of cursing and sighs..)

Seeing kernels and modules automagically installed with --pygrub really 
made me smile. Even more so when I saw --arch and --pygrub didn't bite 

> :) I told Axel this story. I caught my fellow admins trying to patch-in
> pygrub and lucid support into 3.9 last night. Then I said, "Guys theres
> a new upstream with all those features", "but how do you know?", they
> asked, and I said "Because I wrote it and commited it" :)

I've had similar experiences after Steve added that stuff in 4.1. :)


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