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Xen Tools

xen-tools is a collection of simple perl scripts which allow you to easily create new guest Xen domains upon your Debian GNU/Linux host.

Once installed and configured you can create a new Xen instance in a matter of minutes. Each new Xen domain will be complete with:

  • All networking details setup, with either multiple static IP addresses or DHCP.
  • An installation of OpenSSH.
  • An arbitary set of partitions.

Your new instance will be completed by having the user accounts from your guest system copied over, and you may optionally boot the image as soon as it has been created.

Ian Jackson wrote a nice introduction to xen-tools on the Community Blog.

Installation Methods

Mutiple installation methods are supported to increase your choices. You can choose to:

  • Install via debootstrap
  • Install via rinse
  • Copy a previously created image.
  • Untar an archive of a pristine image.

Because the creation of new instance is very modular there are very few dependencies, and adding new flavours of GNU/Linux to install should be very simple.

Please read the FAQ for more details.