[xen-tools-dev] TODOs (and bug tracker again)

Axel Beckert abe at deuxchevaux.org
Tue May 18 02:15:32 CEST 2010


On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 11:44:54PM +0200, Dmitry Nedospasov wrote:
> I was curious if we could update, prioritize and coordinate the TODOs.
> Do we need a bug/feature tracker?

Not yet, but I'd like to have one, too. I'm though not even sure what
kind of bug tracker I'd prefer. The topic came up already in April. See

I try to summarise what's in my mind WRT bug tracker:

* I want something distributed or selfhosted.

* I'm probably not happy with any hosted solution, at least not
  with SF, Lauchpad, or Google Code.

* An e-mail based interface similar to the one of the Debian Bug
  Tracking System would be fine. Roundup seems to have such

* I have not so good experiences with Bugzilla and GNATS.

* The Debian BTS, FusionForge/GForge, OTRS, and Bugzilla are surely

* Trac and RequestTracker (RT) are probably also overkill respectively
  not only a bug tracker. OTOH I do have quite some experience with RT
  at work (and Debian uses it, too.)

* I definitely prefer a DVCS over a VCS since I'm often code on my
  projects on the train, etc. where mobile network connections are

So that are roughly my constraints for a bug tracking system.

I though have no experience with distributed bug trackers residing in
a VCS repository yet, but the idea is very appealing.

But there are also smaller bug trackers like Flyspray (used by
http://bugs.archlinux.org/, http://bugs.splitbrain.org/,
http://bugs.irssi.org/) or Roundup (used by http://bugs.grml.org/ and
http://bugs.conkeror.org/) which I haven't fully understood yet.

There are some more: http://freshmeat.net/tags/bug-tracking -- tried
to extrat those who had active at least in the last two years and may
match to the above constraints:

* MantisBT (PHP, MySQL; http://www.mantisbt.org/)
* Redmine (RoR; http://www.redmine.org/; used by Psi)
* WebIssues (Client/Server; GUI; http://webissues.mimec.org/)
* cil (distributed; git; Perl; http://www.chilts.org/project/cil/)
* ditz (distributed; VCS; Ruby; optional GUI; Emacs mode;
* bugs-everywhere (distributed; VCS; Python;
* ditrack (distributed; Subversion; Python; http://www.ditrack.org/)
* sd (distributed; SQLite/Filesystem; git/darcs; Perl; supports
  Redmine, RT, Trac, GitHub, Google Code; http://syncwith.us/sd/)

By coincidence all of the listed tools are available as .deb in at
least Debian Unstable. :-)

I just tried sd with our RT at work and it failed with a lot of "Use
of uninitialized value". Not a good omen.

> My mates keep recomending retrospectiva, but I imagine this might be
> overkill.

But it sounds interesting. At least it looks more appealing than Trac.

Then OTOH I'm not that convinced by anything with "agile" and "scrum"
in it which includes most stuff built upon RoR. That (and gems) always
sounds for me like a sysadmin's nightmare. :-/ I mean, hey, there's a
reason why I really do like Debian Stable! </rant>

Anyone already had experiences with distributed bug trackers? Any bad
expericences with Flyspray?

> I can speak for the following TODO items since I added them and I will
> gladly take over:
> The following 4 trivial ones:
> --vcpus


> --bridge

Non-trivial IMHO.

> --passwd (it fails on missmatch


> - logwatch/ssmtp role (I just remembered i wanted to do this one)

Yeah, there are many ideas for roles. I just added a role for mounting
/var/run, /var/lock, and /tmp as tmpfs.

Others which I converted from hooks we use here are support for
configuration with dphys-config[1] and package installation via
dphys-admin[2] (not in Debian)

  [1] http://neil.franklin.ch/Projects/dphys-config/
  [2] http://nic.phys.ethz.ch/projects/dphys-admin/

> I can also take over these, but they're less trivial
> - Add a flag to not copy /etc/hosts file

Shouldn't be too hard.

> This one sucks because its hard for no reason on ubuntu... I wouldn't
> mind input:
> - Setup locales in the hooks?

Not sure how Ubuntu does that, but there's /etc/environment and
/etc/locale.gen on Debian for such stuff.

> I want this one, though its the largest ammount of work:
> - CentOS anaconda install (there are images for this, Fedora might be
>   less trivial)

After having tried febootstrap today and it failed at quite some
points, I'm looking forward to this as well as updated rinse...

Ok, let's call it a day, it's 2:15am here now...

		Kind regards, Axel
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