[xen-tools] Re: Seperate /home?

Steve Kemp steve at steve.org.uk
Wed Jan 10 13:55:23 CET 2007

On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 12:12:20PM +0000, Terry Churchill wrote:

> I couldn't find anything in the list archives regarding this, are  
> there any plans to allow /home to be stored in a separate disk image/ 
> lvm? 

  This did come up in discussion once before, but I can't remember

  Basically no.  I think that it is a neat idea, but it opens the
 slippery slope to people wanting separate /var, /usr, other partitions
 which is hard to handle.

  However there is some good news!  If you wanted to add support for
 this you could easily do so in a role script.  If you were to create
 /etc/xen-tools/role.d/seperate-home you could invoke xen-create-image
 with "--role=separate-home" which could do the job.

  It seems like the actual script would be very simple.  You'd just
 need to do two things:

    1.   Modify /etc/fstab in the new image to append the line
       "/home ..."

    2.  Create the LVM volume.

  Additionally you'd need to copy the /etc/xen-tools/xm.tmpl to a new
 name and add in a section to make the disk available as sdb, or /sda2
 depending on your preferences.  (Using --template=xxx to point to
 this new file.)

  Does that seem like it would be sufficient for your needs?


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