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Xen Tools Stable Releases

The most recent stable version of Xen Tools is 4.6.1 and you can download it via the following link:

  • Sources: xen-tools-4.6.1.tar.gz - 245k
    • MD5: 22ee54bb8b19ede1d8579503c98405e9
    • SHA1: 19d22d026e240acba6a9e02e69f77599a95fa0f6
    • SHA256: b41a8f403a876fafea7392c8f71c83db 2b88202a32e331edfecd9fe4a683dbb7
    • SHA512: e12c5d9eb74c2fbf3029646f51580b36 3087b96c029e0149cdfcff9f658a9490 13ef94330e66e578cc6f93a7741a92a4 8d8e6ab01fe00ff37b99bd872d74e383
    • GPG signature
  • Debian package: xen-tools_4.6.1-1_all.deb - 265k
    • MD5: 00eeb9af26195162e30bffff48fbe42f
    • SHA1: 147fc2f8f00e7097fc02a91bfa9fa37da3be2cca
    • SHA256: 30dec1713037d9dead390499a9c92149 f9a73bb90cea9cbb1e2b157b978b6b2f
    • SHA512: 9b201daf1523b186b87a5c2f5fb14333 6865cf2dfab46c00d758ecf5961bbdae 0b6c5bd9dadfa09b7dd1f0a61ed2798f 479d18da1fbd0e3387b6e85705377c1e

A detailed change log can be found in NEWS.markdown in the source tar ball.

GPG signatures of releases 4.2 to 4.5 may be validated using Axel's 1024-bits public key.

GPG signatures of releases 4.6 and later may be validated using Axel's 4096-bits public key.

Binary packages of xen-tools are also included in the Debian GNU/Linux Project.

Older Xen Tools Releases

The release which you can download above contains a full changelog which is automatically generated from the git repository.