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Xen Tools Stable Releases

The most recent stable version of Xen Tools is 4.7 and you can download it via the following link:

  • Sources: xen-tools-4.7.tar.gz - 250k
    • MD5: fd5eaf978068fbc9fafe8e7a99603b31
    • SHA1: ed088c2f3366536a6b7286814a4860c15be44eba
    • SHA256: 4c570c29a2dd5a68c6ecf9bbc0b83e6a 680d7a61457dfb85fca3c0ac8d32edee
    • SHA512: 04681568a9e49515187e2c4ea66f3da0 bc1e0fb648ed33245755390900be84d5 b311ccaf833e7a7a69e4b5a678285e0b 7ba12c6729f006b6045486182ccaa110
    • GPG signature
  • Debian package: xen-tools_4.7-1_all.deb - 135k
    • MD5: 291860449c926b2d98266648760fb296
    • SHA1: 16ecd0304e739330de1cae8351acfb6401cb4e84
    • SHA256: 8f44d4e1f7e7b3679e840d0d7aa61423 e2236edc6581b6b3e702afc9a126296a
    • SHA512: 6345a5ece6028a6971ce18d668f76c5a 950b7fd3edf69b7c1ffca8f679ed5c81 d816f24ef89dcde6ade38b5fe435fc1c 4e40510978288420accf978fad5298b4

A detailed change log can be found in NEWS.markdown in the source tar ball.

GPG signatures of releases 4.2 to 4.5 may be validated using Axel's 1024-bits public key.

GPG signatures of releases 4.6 and later may be validated using Axel's 4096-bits public key.

Binary packages of xen-tools are also included in the Debian GNU/Linux Project.


The release which you can download above contains a full changelog which is automatically generated from the git repository.