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Xen Tools Stable Releases

The most recent stable version of Xen Tools is 4.6 and you can download it via the following link:

  • Sources: xen-tools-4.6.tar.gz - 247k
    • MD5: 232389701902b799a43ac8de6bf66c11
    • SHA1: 624c342cfc33f0f25f48235baddc45c13ac530e4
    • SHA256: 7b478bf0fd3da6f091a543dcac260cac ea8f3de2f758c61b91f099acab0d2bc6
    • SHA512: 3604ad884cb99547ac3a806fda441056 95d7414a3a84400816634283f2117f54 fcfb5f2dab40aa51f83cf92a0495984f bda50090ca76ea3bb56088aa74629b58
    • GPG signature
  • Debian package: xen-tools_4.6-1_all.deb - 267k
    • MD5: 8568144bb1c2fd814c37d9c3b6c084a1
    • SHA1: b226dc0bd86bdbf1dc3868945ddb2db319329579
    • SHA256: c04a5e491329f7f3462c7af1f0c513d1 fcc36d04b0cf1c6e2c5bfaf073c43370
    • SHA512: 22d9f76e3cd4d85254854ce8aae8b521 33badd06b14d05c27e97522088214956 d868f5ffc640449f2ebed005dc515fc4 5ea888c5841332f6a829b87477038bd6

A detailed change log can be found in NEWS.markdown in the source tar ball.

GPG signatures of releases 4.2 to 4.5 may be validated using Axel's 1024-bits public key.

GPG signatures of releases 4.6 and later may be validated using Axel's 4096-bits public key.

Binary packages of xen-tools are also included in the Debian GNU/Linux Project.

Older Xen Tools Releases

These releases are just listed for historic reasons:

GPG signatures of releases until 4.1 may be validated using Steve's public key.


The release which you can download above contains a full changelog which is automatically generated from the git repository.